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Retinal Specialist in Denver, CO

smiling older couple Our retinal specialist in Denver, CO is here with the following service:

» Retinal examinations, consultations, second opinions and full range of medical and surgical treatments.

»  Retinal Imaging System: Spectralis HRA + OCT by Heidelberg Engineering. This is the world’s first six-mode combination imaging system of the inner coating of the eye. This cutting edge technology enables us to visualize patients’ eye pathology better than any other diagnostic modality. The vascular anatomy of wet macular degeneration will be analyzed by creating a tri-dimensional model of the macula. The latest technology in auto-fluorescence enables us to identify subtle progression of dry macular degeneration.

» Lucentis, Avastin and Eylea as indicated for the treatment of exudative macular disease.

»  Steroid Injections for intra-ocular inflammation.

»  Laser Eye Surgery for Retinal Pathology.

»  Laser Eye Surgery for Floater Removal.

»  Retinal Trauma and Emergency Services.

»  All types of Retinal Surgery including Retinal tears and detachment repair by Scleral Buckle, No Stitch Vitrectomy, Membrane peeling, Macular hole repair.

»  Diabetic Retinopathy Services, Counseling and Second Opinions.

»  See our patient and doctor forms for more information.