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Trust your eyes to the best retinal care available in the most compassionate way possible.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy With Our Certified Ophthalmologist in Denver, CO

We Deliver Outstanding Specialized Patient Care

Our philosophy: The patient comes first.

When a patient has a retinal problem, answers are needed fast. Denver Retina Center P.C., headed by Dr. Diana Reeves, MD, an ophthalmologist in Denver, CO who specializes in retinal issues, is driven to provide those answers quickly and thoroughly.

Prompt scheduling and hassle-free appointments with our ophthalmologist in Denver, CO. We do our best to schedule times as convenient for our clients as possible. You can call directly to (303) 220-0393 to make an appointment for your patient. If you prefer to make appointments by email, send the referral information to drcpc@comcast.net

You can count on Denver Retina Center, P.C. for round-the-clock care for emergency patients. We have retinal specialists on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call the office (303-220-0393) immediately.

Our expert staff is committed to patients' welfare and comfort.

Immediate communication: Before the patient leaves the office, the report of the clinical findings is dictated. When the patient requires services outside our sub-specialty, we discuss with the referring doctor regarding our consultant choices. We will monitor the patient's progress until the retinal issues are resolved and partner with the referring doctor throughout the diagnosis and treatment plan. The patient will be returned to the referring doctor as soon as possible.

Telephone Consulting: As for our referring doctors, please call (303) 220-0393 for an informal consultation or to discuss your concerns.